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Electors in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount (Quebec), Oxford (Ontario), Winnipeg South Centre (Manitoba) and Portage–Lisgar (Manitoba) Can Drop Off Their Special Ballot in Person

News Release

Gatineau, Wednesday, June 14, 2023

  • The deadline to apply to vote by special ballot in the June 19 by-elections has now passed.
  • Electors who have applied for a special ballot are responsible for returning their completed ballot to Elections Canada by election day.
  • Electors voting by special ballot from inside their riding and who have not yet mailed back their completed special ballot should return it in person at the local Elections Canada office in their riding; they have until the close of polls on election day to do so.
  • Once an elector has applied to vote by special ballot, they cannot vote at their assigned polling station on election day. Electors who applied for a special ballot voting kit but have not yet received it should contact Elections Canada or visit their local Elections Canada office without delay.
  • To find information about Elections Canada's services, electors can check their voter information card, enter their postal code online or call 1-800-463-6868.
  • Electors who have not applied to vote by special ballot can vote in person at their assigned polling station on Monday, June 19, 2023.

Elections Canada is an independent, non-partisan agency that reports directly to Parliament.

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