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Preliminary Election Expenses Limits for Registered Political Parties, Based on Confirmed Candidates, Now Available

News Release

Gatineau, Friday, September 3, 2021

  • The Chief Electoral Officer has released the total preliminary election expenses limit for each registered political party for the Monday, September 20 general election.
  • The limits establish how much each registered party can spend on election expenses.
  • Preliminary election expenses limits are based on the number of names on the preliminary lists of electors in each electoral district. Each party's overall limit is determined by adding together the limits for the electoral districts where the party has endorsed a candidate.
  • The final election expenses limits for parties and candidates will be available on Monday, September 13, after the lists of electors have been revised.
  • Election expenses limits for political parties, for candidates and for third parties are established in accordance with the Canada Elections Act.

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