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Electors Can Drop Off their Special Ballot in Person

News Release

Gatineau, Wednesday, September 15, 2021

  • The deadline to apply to vote by special ballot for the September 20 federal election has passed.
  • Electors who have applied for a special ballot are responsible for returning their completed ballot to Elections Canada by election day.
  • Electors voting by special ballot whose return envelope is addressed to their local Elections Canada office can still return their completed special ballot either by mail or in person to that office. They can also return it in person at their assigned polling place, or at any other polling place in their riding, before the polls close on election day by dropping it in a ballot box specifically set up for that purpose.
  • On election day, electors who have not received their special ballot voting kit or who are unable, for any other reason, to vote using their mail-in kit will be allowed to vote in person, even if they had applied to vote by special ballot.
    • To do so, electors must swear an oath and sign a form that includes an attestation that they have not previously voted in this election. 
    • All certificates will be matched against the list of electors who returned their special ballot so that no elector votes twice. Those found to have attempted to vote more than once will be referred to the Commissioner of Canada Elections. 
  • To find their polling station, registered electors can check their voter information card, or they can enter their postal code online or call 1-800-463‑6868.
  • Electors who have not applied to vote by special ballot can vote in person at their assigned polling station on September 20.
  • There will be measures in place at the polls to ensure the health and safety of poll workers and electors. For more information, visit
  • To maintain a safe environment for electors and election workers, Elections Canada strongly encourages electors to wear a mask when they go to vote, even in places where masks are not required by the province, territory or region. We will require electors to wear a mask where one is required by the province, territory region or by the landlord leasing the space to us. Individuals who refuse to wear a mask where one is required will be refused entry to the polling place. 

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