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Statement regarding voter registration, citizenship and voter ID

When inaccurate information circulates about how Canadians can exercise their right to vote, or about the legal, procedural and technical safeguards that ensure the integrity of the electoral system, Elections Canada will respond. 

We invite you to consult these facts about voter registration, citizenship and voter ID, which corrects inaccurate information that has been circulating recently.

The fact sheet highlights some important points. In federal elections, only Canadian citizens aged 18 and older may register and vote. On a regular basis, Elections Canada sends voter registration notification letters to people who are not registered, inviting them to register if they are Canadian citizens aged 18 or older. During election periods, we send a different product—a voter information card—to registered electors only.

The federal electoral system has additional checks and balances to prevent anyone who is not an eligible elector from voting and to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote is able to do so easily. Electors must show proof of identity and address when they vote.

Currently, electors cannot use the voter information card as voter ID. Electoral reform legislation is currently before Parliament (Bill C-76). If the bill passes, the Chief Electoral Officer will be allowed to authorize the use of the voter information card to prove an elector’s address. To vote, electors will still need to provide another accepted piece of ID to prove their identity.

Electors have never been allowed to use a voter information card as their only piece of ID to vote, and this would not change if Bill C-76 passes.

Canadians can have confidence in the integrity of the federal electoral process, which is one of the most robust in the world. Canadians can help preserve trust in the electoral process by seeking out factual, non-partisan information, and by checking with Elections Canada if they have any questions.