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Early Voting Opportunities for Students

OTTAWA, Monday, April 4, 2011

  • The federal election on May 2, 2011 takes place after the end of the school year in most Canadian universities and colleges Ė a busy time for many students. Now is a good time to explore early voting opportunities.
  • If election day isnít convenient, students can vote early:
  • To vote, students who have moved to attend school must decide which address they consider their ordinary place of residence – where they live while at school or where they live when not at school (e.g. with their parents).
  • Once they decide on their home address, students should make sure they are registered to vote in that riding.
  • More information is available at, in the Voters – Ways to Vote section.
"We recognize that this is a busy time for students and their families. Elections Canada wants to ensure that students have all the information they need in order to choose when and how they vote," says Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Marc Mayrand.

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