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Elections Canada Announces Accessibility Improvements

Gatineau, Thursday, August 28, 2014

  • As part of Elections Canada's commitment to accessibility for all Canadian voters, Elections Canada and Matthew Wozenilek, a Guelph accessibility advocate, are pleased to announce that in the next federal election all polling sites in Canada will feature either power-assisted door openers or dedicated staff to assist with opening doors.
  • "We are building on our previous commitments with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and the Hughes case to ensure that all Canadians can access our voting sites in a barrier-free manner," said Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Marc Mayrand. "This will be a great step forward for all persons with disabilities in Canada," added Mr. Wozenilek.
  • Elections Canada is currently conducting a national survey of polling sites within its data bank to determine the accessibility of all Canadian sites. The survey results will be published and shared with the Advisory Group for Disability Issues, an advisory group established to assist Elections Canada in meeting the needs of all Canadian electors.
  • This announcement is a result of a confidential mediated settlement that was made possible with the participation of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and ARCH Disability Law Centre.

Elections Canada is an independent body set up by Parliament.

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