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Revision of Lists of Electors Begins

Electors in Scarborough–Agincourt and Trinity–Spadina
Can Now Make Changes or Add Their Names

Gatineau, Wednesday, May 28, 2014

  • Elections Canada has started revising the preliminary lists of electors for all polling divisions in Scarborough–Agincourt and Trinity–Spadina (Ontario). Preliminary lists of electors are produced using information in the National Register of Electors.
  • Electors in these two electoral districts who are not on the list for their polling division or who are listed at the wrong address can ask for a revision by contacting their local Elections Canada office:
  • Door-to-door targeted revision will be conducted in selected areas.
  • Voter information cards will be mailed to all registered electors in the two electoral districts between June 12 and 13. Electors who have not received a card by June 17, or who receive a card with incorrect information, should contact their local Elections Canada office.
  • A reminder brochure will be mailed to every household in the two electoral districts between June 16 and 17.

"Every elector in these ridings should be included on the list of electors for his or her polling division," says Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand. "It's very easy to register or make corrections to information on the list."

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