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Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Reappoints Broadcasting Arbitrator

OTTAWA, Monday, November 7, 2011

  • The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Marc Mayrand, today announced that Mr. Peter S. Grant has been reappointed as Broadcasting Arbitrator pursuant to section 332 of the Canada Elections Act.
  • The Broadcasting Arbitrator is responsible for allocating to the federally registered political parties, and the parties that have been designated eligible for registration by the Chief Electoral Officer, the paid air time that Canadian broadcasters must make available during a general election. He also allocates free broadcasting time.
  • Mr. Grant was chosen by a unanimous decision of the registered parties that attended the consultation meeting on the appointment of the Broadcasting Arbitrator held pursuant to subsection 333(1) of the Act. 
  • Mr. Grant is Counsel and past chair of the Technology, Communications and Intellectual Property Group in the law firm of McCarthy Tétrault in Toronto. He has acted as Broadcasting Arbitrator since 1993.

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