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Elections Canada Offices at Select Campuses, Friendship Centres and Community Centres

Pilot project offered an additional opportunity to register and vote

Gatineau, Tuesday, October 13, 2015

  • This general election, Elections Canada launched a pilot project to open temporary offices at select campuses, Friendship Centres and community centres across the country.
  • From October 5 to 8, the temporary offices were open to all electors, offering them another way to get information, to register and to vote.
  • Offices were set up on 38 campuses and at 13 Friendship Centres and two YMCAs. The full list of locations is available online. Locations were selected based on the availability of suitable rental space and a list of pre-defined criteria, including size and level of accessibility.
  • A total of 70,231 electors registered and voted at these locations.

"Elections Canada's goal is to ensure that every Canadian who wishes to cast a ballot has an opportunity to do so," said Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand. "I am pleased that our pilot project was so successful and that over 70,000 electors took the opportunity to vote early on select campuses and at select Friendship Centres and YMCAs."

Elections Canada is an independent body set up by Parliament.

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