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Media Advisory
Election Day Reminders for the Media

Gatineau, Thursday, October 15, 2015

The media need to be aware of provisions of the Canada Elections Act (the Act) that may affect their activities on election day.

Election advertising

  • The Act prohibits most forms of election advertising until the last polls close in all electoral districts.
  • Election advertising posted on the Internet before election day does not need to be withdrawn, but it cannot be amended once the blackout period has begun.

Election surveys / Exit polls

  • There is also a blackout on the publication of new election surveys or opinion polls on election day. Media representatives may conduct surveys or polls, but may not publish the results before all polls close.
  • This rule does not apply to results that were public before election day. Anyone can refer to survey results released prior to election day.
  • However, media must be aware that if they broadcast or publish survey results within 24 hours of their initial publication, they have to provide specific information regarding the conduct of the survey, as outlined in sections 326 and 327 of the Act.

Transmission of results

  • The ban on the early transmission of election results has been lifted. Media may transmit the results to their audiences anywhere in Canada as they become available.
  • Because voting occurs at different times across the country, results from the Eastern provinces will be available while voting continues in the West.

Media at the polls

  • Media representatives are not permitted inside polling stations on election day and must not impede the free movement of electors.
  • Those who wish to shoot images from the door of a polling place should contact the local returning officer to make arrangements ahead of time.

Elections Canada is an independent body set up by Parliament.

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