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First Estimate of Advance Poll Turnout

Preliminary Figures from Advance Polls in
Federal By-elections Now Available

Gatineau, Tuesday, October 17, 2017

  • Preliminary figures indicate that 10,105 electors voted at the advance polls for the by-elections in Lac-Saint-Jean (Quebec) and Sturgeon River–Parkland (Alberta).
  • Note that these are preliminary estimates and that not all polls may have reported as yet.
  • The table below shows the number of electors who voted in advance in the current by-elections and those who did so in the 42nd general election in 2015.
Electoral District Preliminary Number of Voters at Advance Polls in Current By-election Official Number of Voters at Advance Polls in 42nd General Election
Lac-Saint-Jean 5,847 9,892
Sturgeon River–Parkland 4,258 12,278
Total 10,105 22,170

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