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Political Entities

A political entity is an individual or group that has political responsibilities and at least one of the following goals: be elected, be selected as the candidate of a party, be the leader of a party, support the election of a candidate or party, or influence the outcome of an election.

More on political entities

The Canada Elections Act regulates six different political entities: candidates, electoral district associations, political parties, leadership contestants, nomination contestants and third parties. This section includes information about these entities, and tools to help them comply with the requirements of the Canada Elections Act.

List of Political Parties

Information on registered, deregistered and eligible political parties

Political Entity Database

A searchable database of the parties, third parties, electoral district associations, leadership contestants and nomination contestants that registered with Elections Canada

Redistribution of Electoral Districts

Information on how the changes to electoral district boundaries may impact political entities

Political Financing Training

Various resources, such as videos on the political financing rules and Electronic Financial Return software, and online training modules

Political Financing Calendar

Two-year calendar (2023 and 2024) with key dates, including deadlines for political entities to file financial and registration reports

Expenses Limits

Limits on regulated expenses for candidates, registered parties, nomination contestants and third parties

Contributions Limits

Limits on contributions to candidates, registered parties, nomination contestants, registered associations and leadership contestants

Annual Lists of Electors

Information about the lists of electors, such as guidelines on using them and updates to the annual lists of the National Register of Electors

Tools for political entities