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Submitting your nomination online

Click here to access the Political Entities Service Centre online portal

Are you planning to run as a candidate in the upcoming federal election? Elections Canada now allows you to complete and submit your nomination form online.

You can create your secure account on the Political Entity Service Centre (PESC), Elections Canada's secure, convenient, easy-to-use online portal. The PESC portal lets candidates and political entities access a variety of electoral services and digital documents online.

Prospective candidates can begin filling in their online nomination form right away. However, they must wait for the election to be called before it can be submitted to the returning officer in the electoral district where they plan to run.

Once the election is underway, confirmed candidates and registered parties can use their portal account to access important documents such as lists of electors, maps and Electronic Financial Return submissions.

Elections Canada staff are available by phone or email to guide you through the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PESC portal?

The Political Entities Service Centre (PESC) is Elections Canada's secure, convenient, easy-to-use online portal for candidates, their campaigns, and political entities. The PESC portal gives political entities online access to a variety of electoral services and documents.

Who can create a PESC account?

The portal is designed to be used by political entities, although anyone may create an account. We encourage all prospective candidates to create an account to access the online nomination form and electoral materials.

I plan on being a candidate. When can I start my online nomination?

A prospective candidate can start their nomination at any time. However, it can't be submitted until an election is called and the returning officer has published the Notice of Election. And it must be submitted before 2:00 p.m., local time, on the 21st day before election day. For more information on the nomination process, consult our How to become a candidate page.

Can I appoint someone else to submit my nomination on my behalf?

Yes. A prospective candidate can authorize a campaign delegate to submit a nomination on their behalf. Keep in mind that certain sections of the nomination form require signatures (from the prospective candidate, the official agent, the auditor and the campaign delegate).

Can I obtain election materials through the PESC portal?

Yes. Political entities can access a variety of documents through the PESC portal.

Why did I receive an invitation to create a PESC account?

If you agreed to participate in a campaign as an official agent, auditor, or campaign delegate, you will receive an email invitation to create a PESC portal account. If you did not agree to participate in any candidate's campaign, or are unsure why you received an invitation, ignore the email and contact us at

Who can I contact for more information?

Elections Canada staff is available by phone at 1-800-486-6563, or by email at