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PESC Overview for Candidates

The Political Entities Service Centre (PESC) is Elections Canada’s secure online portal for candidates, campaign teams and other political entities. It gives access to electoral services and digital documents.

Access the PESC portal at or through Elections Canada’s website under Political Participants > Tools for Candidates.

On the PESC portal, candidates and their delegated users can:

  • Complete and submit an online nomination form
  • Get electoral materials, including lists of electors and other protected documents
  • Submit and view financial returns
  • Track the status of candidate nominations and financial returns

Permissions for candidates and their delegated users

User Start nomination form Complete and submit nomination form Track status of nomination Access campaign products Submit financial returns* View financial information
Candidate X X X X X X
Campaign delegate X X X
Official agent X X X X
Auditor X X

*Digital consent can be given instead of a handwritten signature.

Creating an Account

To use the PESC portal, you must first register for an account. You can do this directly on the PESC portal or through an email invitation from Elections Canada. If you have registered as a candidate before, or were involved with a candidate’s nomination after 2019, you may already have an account or received an invitation.

To create your PESC account, provide your name, phone number, postal address and email address. The email address is used as a sign-in credential. If you wish to change the email address associated with your account, contact the Political Entities Support Network at or 1-800-486-6563 (TTY: 1-800-361-8935).

For step-by-step instructions, watch the video Creating, Accessing and Updating Your PESC Account.

Note: If you are a campaign delegate, official agent or auditor for several candidates, your PESC account gives you access to the nomination details for each of them and the related electoral products. You do not need to create several accounts. You can have one account with several roles, as long as there is no conflict between the eligibility criteria for each role.

Candidate Nominations

In the Candidate Nominations section, prospective candidates can complete and submit their nomination form online, without having to go to the local returning officer’s office.

The online nomination form is the digital equivalent of the Nomination Paper (EC 20010). When completing it, you upload copies of your supporting documents, including signed copies of your identification document(s) (ID). These copies must be signed in "wet ink:" the signatures on the pieces of ID themselves are not enough. As well, the solemn declaration, which must be made by all prospective candidates, can be done by videoconference with the returning officer. Submitting the online form makes it easier for the returning officer to verify your nomination.

To learn more about the online nomination process, watch the video, Completing an Online Nomination form in PESC.

Tools, Documents and Forms

The Tools, Documents and Forms section has all of Elections Canada’s products for political entities.

Candidates and their campaign teams can easily and securely get electoral products in this section without having to go to the local returning officer’s office to get hard copies.

You can sort these products by category, electoral district (helpful for those on several campaign teams in various electoral districts) and date of availability.

Products are made available in accordance with the Canada Elections Act and are updated as needed. Some are available at any time, while others become available at specific dates in the electoral calendar.

For more details about the materials available to confirmed candidates, see the Guidance for Candidates: Political Entities Service Centre Product Access.

Electronic Financial Returns

In this section, candidates have access to the Electronic Financial Return (EFR) software, which helps them prepare financial reports and returns. They can also print contribution receipts.

See Chapter 16: Reporting in the Political Financing Handbook for Candidates and Official Agents (EC 20155) for more information about reporting responsibilities and deadlines for campaigns.

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