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Forms for Electoral District Associations

* Documents in PDF format require the software Adobe Reader. Click here to download it from the Adobe Website.

Financial forms
Form Number Name of Form Documents
EC 20081 Registered Association's Financial Transactions Return
Electronic Financial Return (EFR)
N/A Contributions to a Registered Party or to a Registered Association – Information Return (T2092 – CRA Website) Link
EC 20031 Registered Association's Statement of Assets and Liabilities Form
Request forms
Form Number Name of Form Documents
EC 20004-E Request for Extension of Filing Deadline Form
EC 20006-E Request for Amendment Form
EC 20086 Request for Authorization to Pay an Unpaid Claim Form with instructions
(For claims that were unpaid before December 19, 2014)
Other forms
Form Number Name of Form Documents
EC 20039 Direct Deposit Enrolment or Change Request Form with Instructions
EC 20154 General Solicitation Contributions Record Keeping – Anonymous Contributions of $20 or Less – Form
EC 20188 Nomination Contest Report Form