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Political Financing Handbook for Third Parties, Financial Agents and Auditors (EC 20227) – August 2019

Note: For elections called after June 1, 2021, please use the June 2021 version of the handbook.

About This Document

Introduction to the handbook

This handbook is designed to assist third parties, their financial agents and auditors. It is a tool that will help third parties to manage their regulated activities during a pre-election period and an election period.

This document is not intended to replace the Canada Elections Act. In all cases, the Act takes precedence over information and explanations provided in this handbook. How the Act applies to a particular case will depend on the circumstances of that case.

Elections Canada will review the contents of this handbook on a regular basis and make updates as required.

The handbook consists of eight chapters:

  1. Reference Tables and Timelines
  2. Definitions and Registration
  3. Financial Administration Overview
  4. Pre-election Period of a Fixed-Date Election—Regulated Activities
  5. Election Period—Regulated Activities
  6. Identifying and Allocating Regulated Expenses
  7. Interacting with Other Regulated Entities
  8. Reporting

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What's new in this release?

Release Where Title Summary
August 2019 Chapter 2 What are regulated activities? Clarified that an election survey may include a survey about an issue associated with a registered party or candidate.
Chapter 5 Partisan activities and expenses in the election period

Election surveys and expenses in the election period
Clarified that telephone calls to electors will not always be regulated activities, but that rules for voter contact calling services will apply to all calls in the election period.