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Transcript of Video on Becoming an Official Agent

You were asked to become an official agent, but what does that entail? You'll find out in this module.

As an official agent, you have to understand and apply the political financing rules in the Canada Elections Act. Because you will be managing the campaign's finances, financial or accounting experience comes in handy, although it is not a requirement.

Appointing an official agent is one of the first things candidates must do. An official agent must be appointed before a candidate can accept contributions, loans or transfers, incur expenses, or file their nomination paper. If you decide to take on the role, here is what's involved:

  • As the official agent, you are in charge of the campaign's finances.
  • You must open a bank account under your name (animation show cheque or bank account with name: XY, official agent of candidate Z), and use that account exclusively for the campaign.
  • Only you can accept contributions made to the campaign. When it comes to expenses, there are strict rules about who can incur or pay them, and only you can authorize others to do so. You also have to make sure the campaign stays within the spending limit.
  • Only you can authorize election advertising.
  • After the election, you are responsible for preparing and sending financial reports to Elections Canada.
  • Your role continues until the campaign meets all its financial obligations and reporting requirements. This includes dealing with unpaid claims and loans and submitting corrections and updates to Elections Canada. This usually continues for a while after the election.
  • Once all financial and reporting obligations are met, you can close the campaign bank account, and your job is done.

Ready to start? We're here to help. The Elections Canada website has valuable information and tools to assist you during and after the campaign. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions. (show support network 1-800 number)

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