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2022 – Triennial Confirmation of Members of Political Parties

Triennial Confirmation of Members

Every three years, eligible and registered political parties are required to provide Elections Canada with the names and addresses of 250 of their members, along with the members' declarations that they are members of the party.

This triennial process aims to transparently ensure that only those parties that continue to meet the registration requirements of the Canada Elections Act have access to party benefits, such as tax receipts.

Contacting Party Members

To help confirm the information that parties provide us, Elections Canada will send a confirmation package, containing a questionnaire and instructions, to some of the individuals who have identified themselves as party members in order to validate their membership information. Members who receive a questionnaire from Elections Canada must return it as soon as possible using one of the methods outlined in the package, so that we can complete our review of the party memberships (see FAQs for party members). Here is a sample of the questionnaire to be completed and returned by party members:


Why does Elections Canada conduct this exercise?

This triennial review is required by law. The Canada Elections Act requires that parties maintain a minimum of 250 members at all times, and that they confirm their memberships with Elections Canada every three years. This requirement reflects Parliament's intention that, to play a role in the electoral system as a registered political party and to enjoy to the associated benefits – like access to the list of electors and tax benefits – it is necessary to have a certain level of ongoing support from electors.

How does Elections Canada determine which members will be contacted?

Only members of some political parties will be contacted to confirm their membership. Provided that it has submitted its 250 properly filled membership declarations, a party will be considered compliant with its triennial obligation if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • the party has an elected member in the House of Commons at the time of the triennial review exercise;
  • the party received at least 2% of the vote nationwide or 5% of the vote in the electoral districts in which it ran candidates in the last general election (meaning it is required to file quarterly financial reports)
  • the party had at least 250 contributors or fundraised at least $100,000 in the calendar year preceding the triennial exercise.

For parties that do not meet at least one of these criteria, Elections Canada will mail a confirmation package to 50 randomly selected members from the list of 250 that the party provided. Those members are asked to return a signed questionnaire within one month of receipt.

I am a party member who was contacted to complete a questionnaire to confirm my membership. What do I do?

Everything you need to respond is included in the package sent to you by Elections Canada. Simply complete and sign the form, and return it to us within 30 days using one of the methods listed in the package. If you have any questions, please contact