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Final Election Expenses Limits for Registered Political Parties
43rd General Election October 21, 2019

Name of Party Final Election Expenses Limit ($)
Animal Protection Party of Canada 1,535,597.09
Bloc Québécois 6,938,926.15
Canada's Fourth Front 591,255.27
Canadian Nationalist Party 217,847.57
Christian Heritage Party of Canada 4,342,399.70
Communist Party of Canada 2,757,217.68
Conservative Party of Canada 29,060,308.97
Green Party of Canada 29,060,308.97
Liberal Party of Canada 29,060,308.97
Libertarian Party of Canada 2,185,762.44
Marijuana Party 340,709.61
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada 4,439,834.15
National Citizens Alliance of Canada 278,980.94
New Democratic Party 29,060,308.97
Parti pour l'Indépendance du Québec 1,243,828.74
Parti Rhinocéros Party 3,380,776.69
People's Party of Canada 27,574,528.95
Progressive Canadian Party 301,113.86
Stop Climate Change 192,436.15
The United Party of Canada 323,866.80
Veterans Coalition Party of Canada 2,239,616.67