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Registered Third Parties – November 26, 2012 by-elections

Name of Third Party Name of Applicant Mailing Address Date of Registration
1CalgaryCentre Mr. Brian F. Singh 200-1235 26 Avenue South-East
Calgary AB  T2G 1R7
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting Mr. Ian Morrison 1707-33 Lombard Street
Toronto ON  M5C 3H8
2012-11-20 Mr. James Joseph Cornish Biggar 601-134 Abbott Street
Vancouver BC  V6B 2K4
UFCW Canada Mr. Wayne Hanley 61 International Boulevard, Suite 300
Toronto ON  M9W 6K4
United Steelworkers Mr. Ken Neumann 800-234 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto ON  M4P 1K7
We're a Little Bit Conservative
Committee of Victoria
Mr. Keith Dagg 1-1007 Johnson Street
Victoria BC  V8V 3N6