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Compliance Review

Final Report and Recommendations

This report was authored by Mr. Harry Neufeld, an independent elections expert whom Elections Canada commissioned to conduct a review of compliance by election officers with election day procedures, in response to events that occurred in the Etobicoke Centre riding during the general election of May 2, 2011.

The report contains Mr. Neufeld's findings and recommendations following the review. The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada's response is contained within the report.

Related Information

The following documents were produced during the course of the review:

Preventing Deceptive Communications with Electors

The report, Preventing Deceptive Communications with Electors: Recommendations from the Chief Electoral Officer Following the 41st General Election, is in response to incidents that occurred during the 41st general election of May 2, 2011, involving deceptive communications with electors. The purpose of the report is to examine preventive and enforcement measures that should be taken to deal with deceptive communications. The report builds on a discussion paper released in November 2012. In preparing the report, Elections Canada consulted Canadian electors and used the discussion paper to engage political parties and experts on the matter being considered. Links to the documents resulting from those consultations appear below.