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Electoral Insight – New Ways of Building Democracy

Electoral Insight – November 1999

The Chief Electoral Officer's Message
New Ways of Building Democracy

Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Canada
Jean-Pierre Kingsley
Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Canada

For many years, Canadians have been involved as respected participants in the elections of emerging democracies around the world. Our original priority to help introduce democracy through the electoral process has changed. Many formerly authoritarian states now regularly hold democratic elections. Reflecting this evolution, our involvement now focuses on expanding and consolidating democratic processes and institutions in countries that have already experienced their first elections. Our goal has now become to support emerging democracies move towards self-sufficiency in electoral matters.

Many bilateral and multilateral partnerships between Elections Canada and the election agencies of other nations, as well as international electoral organizations have resulted. These partnerships are mutually beneficial to Canada, as well as to other countries.

The second edition of Electoral Insight explores various aspects of the democratization process. It examines Elections Canada's current international involvement, particularly through the Partnership for Electoral and Democratic Development (PEDD), which was created earlier this year. This international co-operation project aims at targeted institutional development and more focused bilateral and multilateral activities. As well, international organizations along with Elections Canada, through the ACE Project, have joined forces to provide encyclopedic electoral information on a special Web site, on CD-ROM and in hard copy. Canadians can be proud of their international contributions.

I trust that the articles in this second edition will encourage discussion, as well as sustaining the collaborative spirit that is growing among electoral agencies and our stakeholders and partners. I welcome your comments.

Jean-Pierre Kingsley


The opinions expressed are those of the authors; they do not necessarily reflect those of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.