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Official Written Opinion Request from the Marijuana Party on the Participation Premium Plan

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Official written opinion request from the Marijuana Party

This inquiry seeks a statement about the legality of the Participation Premium Plan, with reference to section 369, that could be used to inform individual Canadians about their rights and freedoms to legally make Participation Premium arrangements through a registered party, a registered association, or both, which also results in some net after-tax benefit to them personally. The matrix of legal political contributions potentially applies to all officers or agents of registered parties and registered associations. Since there are no limits to how many officers or agents registered parties and associations could have, these political contribution ideas potentially apply to all individual Canadians.

The party has identified five steps to registered participation transactions within a registered association ("EDA"):

  1. Communicate consent to become an EDA Officer to the Chief Executive Officer and/or communicate consent to become an Electoral District Agent to the Financial Agent. The Chief Executive Officer or Financial Agent informs Elections Canada of the appointment.
  2. Donate a gift of money to the EDA, up to the maximum allowed per year, and receive an official donation receipt valid for income tax purposes.
  3. As a donor (who is also an Officer and/or Agent), claim the political tax credit against personal income taxes using the official receipt.
  4. As an Officer or Agent, direct operations of the EDA and submit a bill of particulars to the EDA for the expenses, which must be documented by auditable written or electronic explanations of where the money came from and where it went.
  5. Be reimbursed or paid at fair market value for things actually done as an Officer or Agent.

Although there are several minor differences in their administration through Elections Canada, the five steps to participation may be similar through the officers and agents of registered political parties. Individuals may become party officers and/or agents. They may direct how money they donated is spent, and bill and be paid for that, and claim their political contribution tax credit for themselves.

Questions from Elections Canada in response to the written opinion request from the Marijuana Party

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Response from the Marijuana Party to Elections Canada's questions on the written opinion request

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