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Amendments to the Canada Elections Act

An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and the Public Service Employment Act (formerly Bill C-31) received royal assent on June 22, 2007. The following are highlights of the amendments brought to the Canada Elections Act by Bill C-31:

  • Before voting, electors must prove their identity and residential address by providing one piece of government-issued photo identification showing their name and residential address, or two pieces of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, each of which establishes their name and at least one of which establishes their residential address. To vote, an elector may instead take an oath and be vouched for by another elector whose name is on the list of electors for the same polling division, and who has the necessary piece(s) of identification to establish his or her identity and residential address.

  • Operational changes have been adopted to improve the accuracy of the National Register of Electors, facilitate voting and enhance communications with the electorate.