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Major Court Cases Relating to the Federal Electoral Legislation

Canadians Living Abroad

Accessibility of Polling Stations for Electors

Allocation of Broadcasting Time

  • Reform Party of Canada et al v. Canada (Alberta Court of Appeal, March 10, 1995)

Contested Election

Electoral Boundaries

Merger of Registered Political Parties

Opinion Poll Blackout

Premature Transmission of Election Results

Prisoner Voting

Quarterly Allowance

"Registered Political Parties" – Definition

Reimbursement of Election Expenses

Elimination of the Five-year Rule for Non-resident Electors

Signs – Placement of Electoral Signs on Public Property

  • Beaumier v. City of Brampton (Ontario Court of Justice, February 6, 1998); appeal dismissed by the Ontario Court of Appeal November 19, 1999

Submission of the Return on Elections Expenses by Registered Political Parties

"Third Parties" – Regulation of "Election Advertising" by Third Parties (i.e. groups that do not run candidates)

  • Somerville v. Canada (Attorney General) (Alberta Court of Appeal, June 5, 1996)
  • Libman v. Quebec (Supreme Court of Canada, October 9, 1997)
  • Harper v. Canada (Attorney General) (Supreme Court of Canada, May 18, 2004)
  • Commissioner of Canada Elections v. National Citizen's Coalition (Ontario Court of Justice, October 14, 2003)

Uses of Political Contributions

Voter Identification Rules