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Instructions issued pursuant to section 179 to adapt the Special Voting Rules

Section 179 of the Canada Elections Act (Act) authorizes the Chief Electoral Officer to issue, in the context of general elections, instructions to adapt or apply the Special Voting Rules set out in Part 11 (sections 177 to 282) of the Act to a particular circumstance. These instructions are issued when the Chief Electoral Officer considers it necessary in order to execute the intent of the Special Voting Rules. The Chief Electoral Officer has the same power in a by-election context by virtue of section 179 of the Special Voting Rules as Adapted for the Purposes of a By-election. He or she may issue instructions for the purpose of applying or adapting these Special Voting Rules to a particular circumstance. Instructions may be issued at any time, during an election period or between elections. They can be made applicable only for the purposes of a particular election or may apply continuously until rescinded by the Chief Electoral Officer or rendered obsolete. Instructions issued or used during an election are reported to the Speaker of the House of Commons in accordance with section 534 of the Act.

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