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Regulation Adapting the Canada Elections Act for the Purposes of a Referendum


FORM 1: Not applicable.


Notice of Referendum

of which all persons are asked to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly and in obedience to Her Majesty's writ directed to me for the electoral district of


for the purpose of holding a referendum, public notice is hereby given of the following:

Polling day will be
from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

I have established my office for the conduct of the referendum at the following location, where I shall validate the results from the statements of the vote and declare the number of votes cast for each answer to the referendum question(s).


Given under my hand

At: ____________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

Returning Officer: _____________________________________

OFFENCE: It is an offence with severe penalties to remove, cover up or alter this document.

FORM 3: Not applicable.

FORM 4: Not applicable.

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