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Educational resources

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Meeting the needs of today’s classroom

Elections Canada’s new suite of inquiry-based lessons promote student-centred learning and help grow active citizens. Developed with and tested by teachers across Canada, these fun and engaging tools for secondary students are linked to curricula in every province and territory. And they’re free!

Teaching at the elementary level? Our tried and true resources are still available.
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Rich, diverse content

  • Historical case studies
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Data
  • Infographics
  • Adaptable lesson plans
  • Hands-on, interactive learning

Various formats to suit your needs

  • Online, downloadable, printable
  • Order a hard copy
  • English, French
  • Versions for language learners

Voting Rights Through Time

Exploring issues of inclusion since 1867

The right to vote hasn’t always existed for everyone. Students examine historical case studies on voting rights. Through debate and discussion, they create a timeline to explore the question: how inclusive is our democracy?

Geography of Elections

Understanding ridings as electoral communities

Canada doesn’t have just one election, but 338—one in each riding! By examining electoral maps and census data, students compare their ridings to others, and understand ridings as communities of voters.

Elections by the Numbers

Interpreting data on voter turnout

Who shows up at the polls… and who stays home? In this activity, students analyze real elections data and create a visual interpretation to compare youth voting to other age groups.

Does Voting Matter?

Experiencing the effects of voting

No matter how many people vote, the person elected makes decisions that affect everyone. Students engage in a series of fun voting simulations that help them answer the question: does voting matter?

Civic Action: Then and Now

Analyzing a model for active citizenship through historical case studies

How can you take action to make a difference? In this activity, students explore historical case studies that resulted in real change. They apply that understanding as a model for their own civic action.

Election Simulation Toolkit

Engaging students in the electoral process

How can students get ready to be future voters? Practice! This kit, complete with ballot box and voting screen, is based on the real procedures that are in place for Canadian federal elections.

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