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Field liaison officer recruitment

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Field liaison officer recruitment

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Inspired by the election? Do more than just vote

Did you vote in the 2019 federal election? Excellent! Did it make you want to get more involved in the election process? Perfect! Do you have experience managing people, money and time? Great! Do you have electoral experience? That's even better!

Then you should apply for the field liaison officer position at Elections Canada. It’s got it all: travel, coaching, leadership—all while serving democracy.

Field liaison officers (FLOs) do a lot before, during and after an election. They:

  • advise and support Elections Canada;
  • are in charge of a region (which is around 10 to 14 ridings) near their home;
  • support the returning officers (ROs) in their region;
  • train, coach and supervise the ROs, and assess their performance;
  • work with the media, school boards and municipalities to help the ROs organize the election and make local contacts;
  • help the ROs solve local problems, often liaising with other FLOs, ROs and Elections Canada;
  • generally work from home and travel to the ridings and to Elections Canada headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec.

The successful candidate will have experience managing large projects, teams and budgets, and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

For all the details about the position, and to apply, visit


various websites


18+, Alberta


October - November 2019

Total campaign budget:

$20,000; digital ads account for 57.5% of the campaign


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