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Work as a poll workerOfficial election information – September 20, 2021 federal election

Work as a poll worker


Work as a poll worker

Text description:

  • Paid positions
  • Training provided

Deputy Returning Officer

  • Sets up the poll
  • Verifies elector ID
  • Issues ballots to electors and provides instructions
  • Ensures that candidates' representatives follow guidelines
  • Counts the ballots, completes the related forms and informs the Elections Canada office of the results

Central Poll Supervisor

  • Ensures that polls are set up on time
  • Supervises and provides breaks for poll workers
  • Distributes materials to poll workers
  • Ensures proper application of the Canada Elections Act in the polling place
  • Supervises the counting of the ballots
  • Manages the collection and return of ballot boxes

Registration Officer

  • Sets up the registration desk and prepares the polling place
  • Explains the registration process and ID requirements
  • Verifies ID and address information
  • Completes forms for registration, assisted voting and vouching
  • Helps count the ballots on election night

Information Officer

  • Helps prepare the polling station
  • Greets electors and directs them to the appropriate table
  • Manages lineups
  • Informs electors about safety measures and accepted proof of identity and address
  • Ensures that the poll closes on time and that electors have exercised their right to vote
  • Helps count the ballots on election night

Safety measures are in place for poll workers

There will be:

  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Masks
  • Only one poll worker per desk behind a plexiglass barrier

Contribute to Canada's democracy

Apply now at

Visit for the official information you need to vote
1-800-463-6868 / / TTY 1-800-361-8935


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