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Working away from home?Official election information – September 20, 2021 federal election

Working away from home?


Voting options for Isolated areas (pamphlet)

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Working away from home?

Plan ahead with these voting options!

Vote when you ARE home

At the Elections Canada office in your riding


Until the Tuesday before election day, 6.p.m.

Visit to find your office.

At the advance polling station assigned to your home address


On the Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday before election day

At the election day polling station assigned to your home address


On election day

This is the only way you can vote on election day.

Vote when you are NOT home

By mail from anywhere


Registration deadline: until the Tuesday before election day, 6.p.m.


  • Register online or by mail
  • Receive your special ballot kit by mail
  • Mail your ballot back to Elections Canada

Visit for more details.

At any Elections Canada office


Until the Tuesday before election day 6.p.m.


  • Visit to find a location close to where you work
  • Register and vote in person directly at the office

Group visits are possible. Ask your work site administrator for more details.


Once you’ve applied to vote at an Elections Canada office or by mail, it’s the ONLY way you can vote in this election.

Bring ID:

To vote, you need to prove your identity and address.

Visit for the official information you need to vote

1-800-463-6868 / / TTY 1-800-361-8935


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If you see something that says it's from Elections Canada but is not included here, it may be incorrect information. Please contact us to let us know, or to share any questions or concerns you have.