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Voting at Select Campuses, Friendship Centres and Community Centres, 42nd General Election

1. Background

1.1 Special Voting Rules

The Special Voting Rules, defined in Part 11 of the Canada Elections Act, provide another way for electors to vote if they cannot or do not wish to vote at an advance or ordinary poll during an election or referendum.

Under these Rules, using a special ballot, electors can vote by mail or in person at any returning office (also called a local Elections Canada office) or additional assistant returning officer (AARO) office (also called a satellite office). If electors are away from their electoral district, inside or outside Canada, they can also register to vote by special ballot with Elections Canada in Ottawa.

AAROs are appointed by the returning officer, with the approval of the Chief Electoral Officer, to operate a satellite office in a designated area. These offices provide many of the same services as the local Elections Canada offices, offering more convenient access for nearby electors. For the purpose of setting up offices at select campuses, and youth and community centres during the 42nd general election, the AARO office model was chosen and applied.