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On-Reserve Voter Turnout – 43rd General Election

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People living on reserves
People living across Canada
(Statistics Canada 2016) (Statistics Canada 2016)

Voter Turnout for Registered Electors

2015 2019
On-reserve 61.5% 51.8%
General population 66.0% 67.0%

In 2019, the voter turnout for registered electors living on reserves was 15.2 percentage points lower than that for the general population. Since Elections Canada began calculating voter turnout for Indigenous populations in 2004, the lowest percentage point difference in turnout between these two groups was observed in the 2015 general election.

Voter Turnout on Reserves by Province and Territory, 2015 and 2019

2015 2019
Newfoundland 41.4% 35.0%
Prince Edward Island 73.6% 64.8%
Nova Scotia 66.9% 62.4%
New Brunswick 62.8% 52.2%
Quebec 41.1% 26.1%
Ontario 63.1% 47.3%

Note: No on-reserve communities have been identified in Nunavut.

Voter turnout for registered electors living on reserves decreased across every province in the 2019 general election compared with that of 2015.

DYK?: A methodological change was introduced for the 2019 general election to take into account electors who voted by special ballot in their riding or in a different riding. This group was excluded from previous calculations. The addition of this group increases the on-reserve voter turnout for 2019 by 1.6 percentage points.