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Notes to the ReaderReport on the Survey of Special Ballot Voters for the 43rd General Election

  1. There were low response rates from individuals who voted on a Canadian Forces base, at an acute care hospital or by home visit. Therefore, these groups were excluded from the report.
  2. The data have been weighted to be more representative of the special ballot voter population. However, the bases provided in the footnotes throughout the report are unweighted. The weighting scheme is included in the Methodological Report.
  3. Certain questions allowed respondents to select multiple responses; these questions included a note to that effect.
  4. The results for the proportion of respondents in the sample who either said "don't know" or did not provide a response may not be shown.
  5. The results may not add up to 100% due to rounding.
  6. Comparisons reported among socio-demographic groups are meaningful because they have a statistically significant relationship at the 95% confidence level.