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Election at a GlanceRetrospective Report on the 44th General Election of September 20, 2021

Election Day

September 20, 2021

17.2 million Canadians cast a ballot 62.6% voter turnout

5.9 million Canadians voted at the advance polls 20.8% increase over 2019

10.2 million Canadians voted on election day

71,610 polling stations

94% of polling places were identified as being fully accessible

338 Electoral districts held elections

Involving 338 returning officers and 31 field liaison officers, and more than 195,000 election workers (18,000 office staff and 177,000 poll workers) were hired and trained

Satisfaction with Elections Canada's Services

Elections Canada conducted seven public opinion research projects for this election

The National Electors Study surveyed electors twice:
During the election After the election
53,731 electors 39,568 electors
Voters were satisfied with their voting experience
Electors who responded to the survey had a positive perception of the administration of the election
In-person voters were satisfied with the services provided by Elections Canada staff

Elections Canada surveyed 1,075 candidates

2019 2021
Candidates were satisfied with Elections Canada's services 89% 86%

77% Candidates thought that it was easy to comply with the nomination requirements

Election Security and Integrity

87% Electors thought Elections Canada ran the election fairly

91% Electors had a high level of trust in the accuracy of the election results in their riding

Special Ballot

1,275,226 electors requested a special ballot

This represents an increase of 82% over 2019, when 700,542 special ballots were requested

Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Electors felt well informed about the health and safety measures for COVID-19 that were in place at the polls Electors who voted in person said they felt safe during their visit to the polling place Non-voters reported that they did not vote for reasons related to COVID-19
89% 95% 2%

Due to process changes to accommodate the pandemic, voters reported that it took an average of 13 minutes to vote in person in 2021:

Time taken to vote in person 2021
At polling places on election day At the advance polls At local Elections Canada offices
12 minutes 14 minutes 14 minutes

This is five minutes longer than in 2019, when the average time was eight minutes.