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National Roundtable on Youth Voter Engagement

Appendix A: Roundtable Agenda


A roundtable to develop a shared understanding of the issue of declining voter engagement among young Canadians, and to agree on individual and collective actions that would address the issue.
June 5, 2012
8:30 a.m.4:30 p.m.
(Simultaneous translation provided throughout the day)

Lord Elgin Hotel
Ottawa, ON

8:008:30 Arrival and networking

Coffee, tea, juice and muffins available

8:309:00 Opening remarks, roundtable co-chairs

Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada
David Mitchell, President and CEO, Public Policy Forum (PPF)
Session to operate under Public Policy Forum Rule: no individual attribution of comments

9:009:40 Introductory exercise and tour de table

Using an innovative and creative method facilitated by the PPF, participants will introduce themselves and describe their stake in the issue of youth voter engagement.

9:4010:15 Context presentation and Q&A

Youth and Their Relationship with the Democratic Process
Dr. Diane Pacom, University of Ottawa

10:1511:45 Facilitated discussion

Focus on objective 1: Develop a shared understanding of the issue of declining civic engagement among young Canadians. Participants will also be identifying and prioritizing the key themes that will form the basis of the afternoon discussion.

Facilitated by Marc Mayrand and David Mitchell

11:4512:00 Pre-lunch break

Buffet lunch served (soup, sandwiches, salad, etc.)
Participants select afternoon working groups

12:001:00 Lunch presentation

Peter MacLeod, Principal, MASS LBP

1:001:15 After-lunch briefing

Briefing on the process for the afternoon working session

Facilitated by Dr. Don Lenihan, Public Policy Forum

1:152:45 Working groups

Focus on objective 2: Agree upon actions that can be undertaken collectively (or individually) to address the issue. Key questions focus on what needs to be done, who needs to do it and how we can collaborate to achieve these outcomes.

Separate facilitators assigned to each working group

2:453:00 Health break

3:003:30 Group presentations

Working groups present and discuss potential action areas they have identified.

Rt. Hon. Joe Clark to join the roundtable at this point to listen to the working group proposals

3:303:45 Reflections on presentations

The Rt. Hon. Joe Clark will contribute reflections and insights on the working group proposals and will kick off the final open discussion.

3:454:15 Final open discussion

Participants review the potential action areas recommended and prioritize those which have the greatest potential for impact.

Facilitated by Marc Mayrand and David Mitchell

4:154:30 Conclusion

Final remarks from Marc Mayrand and David Mitchell

4:30 Adjournment

Time for individual discussions among participants