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National Roundtable on Youth Voter Engagement

Appendix B: Participant List

  • Keith Archer
    Chief Electoral Officer
    Elections BC
  • David V. J. Bell
    Chair, Learning for a Sustainable Future
    Professor Emeritus, Senior Scholar and Former Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies
    York University
  • Dianne Brydon
    Director General, Learning and Access Services
    Library of Parliament
  • Janet Campbell
    Youth Participation
    Canadian Heritage
  • Rt. Hon. Joe Clark
    Former Prime Minister of Canada
  • Debbie Cook
    Public Engagement
    Privy Council Office
  • Zach Dayler
    National Director
    Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
  • Brent Farrington
    Internal Coordinator
    Canadian Federation of Students
  • Francine Filion
    Director of Communications
    The Canadian Teachers' Federation
  • Donnie Garrow
    Policy Analyst
    Social Development Unit
    Assembly of First Nations
  • Aaron Good
    Managing Director SiG
    J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
  • Rachel Gouin
    Research and Public Policy
    Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
  • Taylor Gunn
  • Mike Kujawski
    Vice-President, Strategic Marketing & Digital Engagement,
    Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing
  • Andrea Landry
    Youth Executive
    National Association of Friendship Centres
  • Miriam Lapp
    Assistant Director Outreach and Research
    Policy, Planning and Public Affairs
    Elections Canada
  • Mario Lavoie
    Director of Outreach
    Elections Canada
  • Francis LeBlanc
    President, Board of Directors
    Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians Educational Foundation
  • Paul Ledwell
    Executive Vice-President
    Public Policy Forum
  • Don Lenihan
    Vice President, Engagement
    Public Policy Forum
  • Alison Loat
    Executive Director
  • Peter MacLeod
  • Marc Mayrand
    Chief Electoral Officer of Canada
  • Jessica McCormick
    National Deputy Chairperson
    Canadian Federation of Students
  • David Mitchell
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Public Policy Forum
  • Diane Pacom
    University of Ottawa
  • Laura Palmer Korn
    Senior Vice President
    Federation Strategy
    YMCA Canada
  • Mia Rabson
    Ottawa Bureau Chief
    Winnipeg Free Press
  • Amy Robichaud
    Program Coordinator
    Historica-Dominion Institute
  • Bernard Rudny
    Elections Coordinator
    Apathy Is Boring
  • Susan Scotti
    Senior Vice President, Planning and Operations
    Canadian Council of Chief Executives
  • Jean Séguin
    Integration Branch
    Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Susan Torosian
    Senior Director
    Policy, Planning and Public Affairs
    Elections Canada
  • Michel Venne
    Executive Director
    Institut du Nouveau Monde
  • Katherine Walraven
    Fundraising and former Director of Education Programs