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Technology and the Voting Process

Appendix C: List of Persons Interviewed

1. Elections Canada and Electoral Systems Experts

Ms Diane Bruyere
Assistant Director of Election Coordination
Elections Canada

Ms Judy Charles
Director of Strategic Planning &
Intergovernmental Affairs
Elections Canada

Ms Susan Clyne
Director of Administration & Human Resources
Elections Canada

Mr. Tony Coulson
Research Officer
Elections Canada

Mr. Wayne Donovan
Former Special Project Director, National
Register of Electors
Elections Canada

Mr. Jacques Girard
Director of Legal Services and Registrar of Political Parties
Elections Canada

Mr. Michel Hebert
Director of Communications
Elections Canada

Mr. Ray Kennedy
Director of Research
International Federation of
Electoral Systems

Mr. Jean-Pierre Kingsley
Chief Electoral Officer
Elections Canada

Mr. Carol Lesage
Director of Operations
Elections Canada

Mr. Harold Neufeld
DMR Group

Mr. Garry Saunders
Director of Information Technology
Elections Canada

2. Technology Experts

Mr. Michael E. Cope
Founder and Retired Chairman
INTERPHASE Corporation
Dallas, Texas

Mr. Denny Courier
Strategic Partner Alliances
GE Capital Technology Management Services
Mississauga, Ontario

Mr. Allan Frank
Chief Technology Officer
Answer Think Consulting Group –
Technology Enabled Solutions
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Mr. Jack Hubley
Marketing Vice President of Business Services
and Long Distance Services
AT&T Canada
Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Richard Leonardi
Regional Sales Director
Holbrooke, New York

Mr. Louis H. Milrad
General Counsel
Information Technology Association of Canada
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mr. Jerry Shattner
Hitachi Data Systems
Montreal, Quebec

Mr. Rick Sola
Senior Director, CTI Systems Integration Periphonics
Holbrooke, New York

Mr. Francois Thibault
Chief Technology Developer
Periphonics Corporation
Montreal, Quebec

Mr. Richard Timmons
President & CEO
SAGUS Security Incorporated
Ottawa, Ontario

Mr. Claude Wilson
Internet Specialist Global SI Program
Bethesda, Maryland