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Thirty-seventh General Election 2000: Official Voting Results: Synopsis


Federal Electoral Districts

The names of the federal electoral districts are drawn from the official list prepared under the Representation Order, 1996, and reflect name changes which were adopted by Parliament since the Representation Order came into force.


The population figures cited in this report are provided by Statistics Canada, based on its census of 1996.

Electors on the Lists

The number of electors on the voters lists for the 2000 general election means those appearing on the final lists as established under subsection 109(1) of the Canada Elections Act, that is, after election day. These lists include the official voters lists used at polling stations on November 27, 2000, as well as electors who registered on election day, Canadian Forces electors, incarcerated electors serving sentences of less than two years, and Canadian electors temporarily residing outside Canada.

Voter registration was conducted under the new rules for establishing the electoral lists using data from the National Register of Electors. The data in the Register were based on the final lists from the June 1997 general election. Information in the Register is updated regularly with input from federal, provincial and territorial data sources.

Special Voting Rules

The Special Voting Rules make it possible for two groups to vote by special ballot. The first group consists of electors whose names appear on separate lists, including Canadian Forces electors, incarcerated electors serving sentences of less than two years, and Canadian electors temporarily residing outside Canada. The second group consists of electors whose names appear on the voters lists of the polling divisions, but who register to vote by special ballot because they cannot vote or do not wish to vote at an advance poll or on election day.

Polling Stations

Ordinary polling stations are those that were established under sections 120 to 125 of the Canada Elections Act and were open on election day, November 27, 2000. Included are mobile polling stations established under section 125 of the Act. The latter were located in polling divisions with two or more institutions where seniors or persons with a physical disability reside, and they were open as directed by the returning officer.

Section 168 of the Canada Elections Act also provides for the establishment of advance polling stations. These stations are open from 12 noon to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Monday, the 10th, 9th and 7th days before election day (November 17, 18 and 20, 2000, for this election).

Political Affiliation

On the ballot, the candidate's name is followed by the name of the registered party that endorses him or her, as shown on the nomination papers. If that party was unable to comply with the legal registration requirements, the candidate is deemed to have "no affiliation" and nothing appears under his or her name. If the candidate is not endorsed by a political party, the word "independent" is listed under his or her name, unless the candidate submits a formal request in writing to the returning officer that nothing appear under his or her name.

Abbreviations of Political Affiliations

Action Canadian Action Party
Alliance Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance
B.Q. Bloc Québécois
Comm. Communist Party of Canada
G.P. The Green Party of Canada
Ind. Independent
Lib. Liberal Party of Canada
M.-L. Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
M.P. Marijuana Party
N.D.P. New Democratic Party
N.L.P. Natural Law Party of Canada
NIL No Affiliation
P.C. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

Note: The Christian Heritage Party of Canada did not endorse 50 confirmed candidates, and therefore did not maintain registered status under the Act. Consequently, no political affiliation was shown on the ballots under the names of the 46 candidates that the party did endorse.

Withdrawal of Candidates

Under the Canada Elections Act, candidates had until 5:00 p.m. on November 6, 2000, to withdraw their candidacy. In this election, no candidates withdrew.

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