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1996 Elections Canada Publications

Various reports published by Elections Canada since the start of 1996 contain additional information about the projects and activities of the agency. We invite readers who would like one of these publications to contact our Public Enquiries Unit at 1-800-INFO-VOTE (1-800-463-6868); fax: 1-613-954-8584; for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, TTY/TDD: 1-800-361-8935. You may also write to the address given on the inside front cover of this report or make your request through Internet at

Date of publication Title Content
February 1996 1996-97 Estimates, Part III, Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada. Annual expenditure plan: describes the mandate, priorities, organizational structure, operational environment, resources, new initiatives and achievements
February 1996 Canada's Electoral System: Annex to the report of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada on the 35th general election. Contains 122 recommendations affecting various aspects of the election process.
March 1996 The Register of Electors Project: A Report on Research and Feasibility The results of a feasibility study on the creation of a computerized register of electors and the next steps.
April 1996 Looking to the Future: Election of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, 1995 Details of the October 16, 1995, general election in the Northwest Territories: also describes changes to the electoral infrastructure necessary prior to the division of the NWT into two separate territories.
June 1996 The March 1996 By-elections. Technological Innovation: Reaping the Rewards Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the by-elections held March 25, 1996, in six federal ridings.
June 1996 Federal Electoral Districts: 1996 Representation Order (published for each province and the Northwest Territories) A series of 11 publications containing text and maps describing each of the 301 federal ridings defined in the Representation Order of January 8, 1996.

Table 1: Voter registration and participation, June 1996 by-election in Hamilton East

Category Number of electors registered Number of ballots cast Voter participation %
Special ballot voting
International 10 3 30.0
Canadian Forces 121 30 24.8
Incarcerated 5 4 80.0
National (including hospitals outside riding*) 23 23 100.0
Local 238 235 98.7
Advance polls 1 485 1 485 100.0
Polling day 50 710** 25 109 49.5
Totals 52 592 26 889 51.1

* There are no acute care institutions within the riding boundaries.
** Includes 346 persons who registered on polling day.

Table 2: Candidates and individual results, by-election of June 1996 in Hamilton East

Candidate Political affiliation Place of residence Occupation Votes obtained Percentage
of valid votes
Sheila Copps Liberal Party of Canada Hamilton   12 268 46.09
Wayne Marston New Democratic Party Hamilton Retired Bell Technician 6 941 26.08
Angie Tomasic Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Hamilton Bank Manager 3 662 13.76
Andy Sweck Reform Party of Canada Hamilton Supervisor 2 750 10.33
Ken Campbell Independent Milton Clergyman 287 1.08
George Ambas No affiliation Scarborough Retailer 160 0.60
Wendy Priestnitz Green Party of Canada St. George Publisher 152 0.57
Glen Malcolm Independent St. Catharines Consultant 113 0.42
Tristan Alexander Christian Heritage Party of Canada St. Catharines Trucking Professional 78 0.29
Emmanuel Victor Knight No affiliation Morpeth Teacher 70 0.26
Bill Amos Natural Law Party of Canada Niagara Falls Business Consultant 64 0.24
Charles Olito Canada Party Woodville Retired 52 0.20
John C. Turmel Abolitionist Party of Canada Ottawa Engineer 21 0.08