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The March 1996 By-Elections – Technological Innovation – Reaping the Rewards

APPENDIX: 1995-1996 Elections Canada Publications

Elections Canada has published a variety of reports over the past 12 months. These publications provide more detail on the various projects and activities in which Elections Canada staff were involved. We invite readers who would like copies of these publications to contact our Public Enquiries Unit at 1-800-INFO-VOTE (1-800-463-6868); fax: 1-613-954-8584; for the deaf or hard of hearing: TTY/TDD: 1-800-361-8935; or write to the address on the inside front cover of this report.

Table 3
Date of Publication Title Content
June 1995 Thirty-Fifth General Election 1993: Contributions and Expenses of Registered Political Parties and Candidates A summary of the election expenses incurred and the contributions received by the registered political parties and candidates in the 35th general election.
December 1995 The February 1995 By-Elections: Official Voting Results and Candidates' Contributions and Expenses The official poll-by-poll voting results of the by-elections of February 13, 1995, in Brome-Missisquoi, Ottawa-Vanier and Saint-Henri-Westmount and the official financial returns of the candidates.
December 1995 Election of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, 1995: Official Voting Results The official poll-by-poll results of the 13th general election on October 16, 1995.
February 1996 1996-97 Estimates, Part III, Office of the Chief Electoral Officer Annual expenditure plan: describes the mandate, priorities, organizational structure, operational environment, resources, new initiatives and achievements of Elections Canada.
February 1996 Canada's Electoral System: Strengthening the Foundation Annex to the report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the 35th general election. Contains 122 recommendations affecting various aspects of the electoral process.
March 1996 The Register of Electors Project: A Report on Research and Feasibility The results of a feasibility study on the creation of an automated Register of Electors and the next steps to be taken.
April 1996 Looking to the Future: Election of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories, 1995 Details of the October 16, 1995, 13th general election in the Northwest Territories. Also describes changes to the electoral infrastructure necessary prior to the division of the NWT into two separate territories