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By-elections November 29, 2010 – Official Voting Results


February 2011

This report pertains to the federal by-elections held on November 29, 2010, in the electoral districts of Dauphin–Swan River–Marquette (Manitoba), Vaughan (Ontario) and Winnipeg North (Manitoba).

I am pleased to publish this report to satisfy the requirements of the Canada Elections Act, S.C. 2000, c. 9, and to ensure that Canadians have accurate and complete information on the by-elections. It is through such public reports that Parliament and Elections Canada make the Canadian electoral system more open and transparent.

This report presents the results of the vote, by polling division, for the November 2010 by-elections, in accordance with section 533 of the Act. Subsection 534(2) of the Act also requires the Chief Electoral Officer to report on the administration of the Office since the last such report, as well as on certain actions taken by the Office in relation to the by-elections. A report to that effect will be published in March 2011.

Information on contributions and election expenses declared by the candidates in the November 2010 by-elections will be available in March 2011 at

Marc Mayrand
Chief Electoral Officer of Canada