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Report of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Following the September 11, 2000 By-elections held in Kings–Hants and Okanagan–Coquihalla


This report fulfills the statutory obligation of the Chief Electoral Officer to report on the by-elections held in the electoral districts of Kings–Hants and Okanagan–Coquihalla on September 11, 2000.

Both by-elections proceeded efficiently and successfully, and in accordance with our plans. Communications, revision and voting were all conducted without any untoward incident. The by-elections also gave Elections Canada an opportunity to refine our procedures and to test our new technology and procedures in preparation for the next federal general election.

As is customary, this report has reviewed other developments since the previous by-election in May 2000, highlighting both legislative reform and technological developments. We continue to innovate as we pursue our goal of a Canadian electoral system that is a model of modern practices, accessibility, transparency and service to all Canadians.