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Report of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada on the 40th General Election of October 14, 2008

Appendix 2: Evaluations

Under the new evaluation framework summarized in Section 4, Elections Canada is conducting the following surveys and evaluations concerning the 40th general election:

1. Survey and studies

  • Survey of Electors
  • Survey of Candidates
  • Survey of Journalists
  • Survey of Poll Staff
  • Survey of Associations
  • Survey to Returning Officers (Returning Officer Report of Proceedings)
  • Survey to Community Relations Officers
  • Survey to Aboriginal Elders and Youth
  • Survey to Field Liaison Officers
  • Advertising Market Study
  • Canada Election Study

2. Post-mortems

  • Field Liaison Officer Post-mortem
  • Returning Officer Post-mortem
  • Additional Assistant Returning Officer Post-mortem

3. Various internal evaluation activities