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5. Maintaining Security and IntegrityReport on the 2022 By-election

Elections Canada's role in electoral security

There is no one simple solution that eliminates threats to an election while maintaining an accessible, fair and transparent electoral process. These threats are complex—ranging from criminal acts, terrorism and cyberattacks to foreign interference and attempts at sharing inaccurate information—and reach beyond Canada's borders and the realm of election management. Elections Canada pays careful attention to these threats to democracy. For the 2022 by-election, the agency continued efforts to limit their impact, working within the bounds of its legal mandate and with the assistance of government departments and agencies. Elections Canada coordinated with other federal organizations that contributed to election security, including:

  • Communications Security Establishment
  • Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Public Safety Canada
  • Global Affairs Canada

While no criminal activity, cybersecurity incident, or inaccurate information campaign disrupted the administration of the 2022 by-election, it is important to remain vigilant to emerging threats. Canadians can count on Elections Canada to make registration and voting as accessible, convenient and secure as possible.

Role of the Commissioner of Canada Elections

The Commissioner of Canada Elections is the independent officer responsible for ensuring that the Canada Elections Actxi is complied with and enforced. The Commissioner is appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer, after consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions. Under the Canada Elections Act, the Chief Electoral Officer and the Commissioner each have a specific statutory mandate that provides expressly for their appointment and the exercise or performance of particular powers, duties and functions in relation to federal elections. The Commissioner of Canada Elections reports annually on the activities of the Commissioner's office.


xi Canada Elections Act,