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Business Meals

Kingsley, Jean-Pierre, Chief Electoral Officer

Reporting period: March 2, 2005 – June 1, 2005

Travel Expenses

Dates Purpose Total Cost
March 13–15, 2005 Attend International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) board and committee meetings $1,049.40
March 29 to
April 1, 2005
Attend the 2005 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards $3,590.82
April 7–8, 2005 Attend the Public Policy Forum's Annual Testimonial Dinner $1,230.55
April 19–24, 2005 Presentation on Challenges to Implementation of Existing Commitments at Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) $3,855.03
  Total $9,725.80
Business Meal Expenses*

Dates Purpose Total Cost
11-Mar-05 Business breakfast: Discussion re: electoral matters $45.02
24-Mar-05 Business luncheon: To discuss organizational matters $92.44
30-Mar-05 Business breakfast: National Aboriginal Achievement Awards $49.12
30-Mar-05 Business luncheon: To discuss April 1st presentation $73.09
13-Apr-05 Business luncheon: Professional exchanges $28.01
19-Apr-05 Business luncheon: To discuss parliamentary appearance $76.27
23-Apr-05 Business luncheon: To discuss Russian Electoral Commission $20.82
25-Apr-05 Business luncheon: To discuss EC role on national and international scenes $68.04
29-Apr-05 Business luncheon: To discuss Assembly of First Nations (AFN)/EC joint education program $92.25
09-May-05 Business breakfast: To discuss AFN/EC joint education program $49.70
11-May-05 Business dinner: Discuss EC state of electoral preparedness $63.43
18-May-05 Business luncheon: Discuss electoral process in Canada $155.48
24-May-05 Business breakfast: To discuss organizational matters $63.93
  Total $877.60

*Mr. Kingsley pays for his own lunches when hosting; therefore, he is not counted as one of the attendees.