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Business Meals

Jean-Pierre Kingsley
Chief Electoral Officer

Reporting period: June 2, 2005 – September 1, 2005

Travel Expenses

Dates Purpose Total Cost
July 4–8, 2005 Attend Assembly of First Nations, and Conference of Canadian Election Officials $6,270.67
  Total $6,270.67
Business Meal Expenses*

Dates Purpose Total Cost
July 6, 2005 Business breakfast: To discuss strategies re: First Nations presentation $12.55
July 11, 2005 Business luncheon: To discuss electoral legislation $23.56
August 8, 2005 Business luncheon: To discuss organizational matters $125.43
August 10, 2005 Business luncheon: To review financial contracts $41.25
August 16, 2005 Business breakfast: To discuss the Auditor General's report on Elections Canada $31.60
August 16, 2005 Business luncheon: To review plans for an election $40.24
August 31, 2005 Business luncheon: To discuss electoral matters with members of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation $156.87
  Total   $431.50

*Mr. Kingsley pays for his own lunches when hosting; therefore, he is not counted as one of the attendees.