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Poll-by-poll Result Files, 1997 and 2000 General Elections

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Description: This file provides an entry for each candidate who ran in the 1997 and 2000 general elections. It includes the name of the candidate, the name of the political party, the number and percentage of votes, and other related information.

MAC users: For MS Excel users, remember to change your "File origin" to Windows [ANSI].


Field Name Description
Event_Number A four-digit number representing the electoral event. 3600 is the 36th general election, and 3700 is the 37th general election.
ED_Code Electoral district code, in the format EDXX-YYY, where the fixed literal ‘ED’ prevents spreadsheets from trying to convert the code into a date, XX is a code for each province/area, and YYY is a number within that province or area.
Ballot_Sequence_Number The list of candidates on the ballot paper is arranged in alphabetical order by surname.This number indicates the placement of the candidate on the ballot for the electoral district. The combination of event number, ED code, and ballot sequence number is unique for each candidate.
Candidate_First_Name The candidate’s first name.
Candidate_Middle_Name The candidate’s middle name.
Candidate_Last_Name The candidate’s last name.
Candidate_Gender_Code The gender of the candidate: ‘M’ for male, ‘F’ for female.
Candidate_Occupation_English The candidate’s occupation, given in English.
Candidate_Occupation_French The candidate’s occupation, given in French.
Elected_Indicator ‘Y’ if candidate was elected, ‘N’ otherwise.
Incumbent_Indicator ‘Y’ if candidate was the incumbent, ‘N’ otherwise.
Candidate_Vote The number of valid votes the candidate obtained.
Candidate_Vote_Percentage The percentage of valid votes the candidate obtained.
Candidate_Residence The place the candidate recorded as his/her residence.
Candidate_Province_English The province of the candidate’s residence, in English.
Candidate_Province_French The province of the candidate’s residence, in French.
Candidate_Party_English_Name The English name of the candidate’s political party.
Candidate_Party_French_Name The French name of the candidate’s political party.

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