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Poll-by-poll Result Files, 1997 and 2000 General Elections

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File Name: POLLS.ZIP  (1.3 MB)

Description: This file has an entry for each polling station in each electoral district for the 1997 and 2000 general elections. It provides information on the polling station, including the type of poll, and gives the overall vote counts for the poll.

MAC users : For MS Excel users, remember to change your "File origin" to Windows [ANSI].


Field Name Description
Event_Number A four-digit number representing the electoral event. 3600 is the 36th general election, and 3700 is the 37th general election.
ED_Code Electoral district code, in the format EDXX-YYY, where the fixed literal ‘ED’ prevents spreadsheets from trying to convert the code into a date, XX is a code for each province/area, and YYY is a number within that province or area.
Poll_Number The number assigned to the polling station. Examples: 3, 601, 45A, 48-3.
Polling_Station_Name A name that generally represents either the location of the polling station or the area where the voters lived.
Poll_Type Indicates the type of polling station, as follows:
10 = ordinary poll, 2A = advance poll, 3S and 4S = SVR polls.
Urban_Rural Indicator Urban/rural indicator (not used in reporting 2000 results).
Void_Indicator Indicates that a polling station was planned for the area, but the returning officer determined there was no need for it.
No_Poll_Indicator Indicates that the returning officer intended to hold this poll, but extreme circumstances prevented it.
Split_Indicator Indicates that this polling division was split into two or more polls, due to the number of electors or location issues.
Merge_Indicator Indicates that this poll was amalgamated (merged or combined) with another poll.
Merged_With_Poll_Number Gives the identification number of the polling station with which this poll was merged.
Advance_Poll_Indicator Indicates if this was an advance polling station.
Mobile_Poll_Indicator Indicates if this was a mobile polling station.
SVR_Poll_Indicator Indicates if this polling station was used for Special Voting Rules (SVR) results, where voting was done by special ballot.
Poll_Rejected_Ballot_Count The number of rejected ballots at this polling station.
Poll_Valid_Vote_Count The number of valid votes at this polling station.
Total_Ballot_Count The total number of ballots counted at this polling station.
Poll_Electors_On_List_Count The number of electors on the voters list for this polling station.

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