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Election Security

The federal election process is protected by many legal, procedural and technological safeguards that are designed to ensure its security and integrity.

Cyber threats

The environment in which elections take place is changing. Experts continue to identify threats to Canada's democracy, ranging from foreign interference and influence efforts to cyber-attacks and attempts at disinformation.

In its assessments of cyber threats to democracy, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) found that hacking attempts against Canada are continuous. CSE's reports outlined a range of other threats to democracy, as well as possible actors and targets. Experts convened by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) concluded that disinformation is a worldwide threat.

Elections Canada is paying careful attention to these threats to democracy. We are working to limit their impact, within the bounds of our legal mandate and relying on the assistance of national security agencies.

As election environments evolve, Canadians can continue to count on Elections Canada to ensure that registration and voting remain accessible, convenient and secure.

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